Shankheshwara Heights Shankheshwara Heights Shankheshwara Heights

Shankheshwara Heights Residential  -  Completed,  Surat

Homes as UNIQUE as you!
You love to live in your own way. You have different dreams and different aspirations. In short,you personality and style. Now find a serene homecoming in a home that is as unique as your personality. An abode that speaks of your distinct taste and preference.

An ambiance you can TRUST for your loved ones!
For your dearest ones, you'd always wish a safe haven where they can live happily and heartily. With state of the art amenities designed keeping in mind every age group along with stringent security measures at Shankheshwara Heights creates that trusted and totally joyful ambiance.

A lifestyle as LAVISH as you can imagine!
If is easy to find a house... but Shankheshwara Heights is more than a house. It is a HOME of your dream, of your desire. A perfect abode which has luxurious living experience you always wished for.

An environment that invokes PEACE
Home is where heart and serenity is Life at Shankheshwara Heights has lavishness with an ample dose of serenity and calmness. A Jain Temple in the complex with reverberating sounds of divinity makes you feel that you are blessed with peace.

A lifestyle that spreads CHEER
Chirping sounds of your little ones, their joyful and innocent laughter filling the air is the best and the biggest gift you can give yourself. At Shankheshwara Heights, the cheerfui gait and happy faces of your kids will always refresh your homecomings.

A life that has SPACE for grandeur
With impressing elevation and aesthetic architecture offering enough space, Shankheshwara Heights makes for a grand lifestyle. If stands tall will sophistication and style along with amenities like huge party lawn and spacious multipurpose hall to add grandeur and grace to your every occasion.

Homes with a promise of HAPPINESS
Cross the threshold of Shankheshwara Heights and enter in a happy environment where everything is designed and presented the way you always dreamt. From lavish amenities to advantageous locaion, from artistic architecture to safe planning... It is not a Home. It is a promise of your HAPPYNESS that we have fulfilled.

Shankheshwara Heights
  • Children Play Area
  • Banquet Hall
  • Indoor Games
  • Outdoor Game
  • Central Huge Lush Green Landscape Garden
  • Temple
  • Upashraya


  • Foyer
  • Lift Cladding  
  • Staircase


  • Designated Use
  • No. Of Floor
  • Space Specification At Ground Floor
  • Generator Back-Up (Power Back Up)
  • Road Network
  • Power Supply Calculated Per Flat
  • Elevators Configuration
  • Slab To Slab Floor Height
  • Power Load
  • Security System

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